Leadership Programs

Leadership programs that support your strategic goals

Our programs are tailored to help you align all three aspects of your business

                                                      Improve your Leader's  Psychological Capital in 3 Hours!   

Our 3 Hour workshop helps to build the Psychological Capital of your leader's

If you want to improve the following:

Your firm's performance

Resilience of your leaders

A leaders ability to overcome challenges to meet goals

Self confidence of leaders

Ability of leaders to generate more than one path to a goal

The transformational leadership behaviours in leaders

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When we begin to tailor a Leadership Program for a company we work at three levels.  

1. The program needs to be aligned with the strategic goals of the organization.  

2. The program must help Leaders to develop the behaviors needed to drive strategy, and lead others effectively towards actions that support strategic goals. 

3. Leaders need to learn how to manage and support others so that the strategy is translated into positive actions at an operational level. 

Our Leadership programs are designed to bring about the following:

Greater awareness at an individual level on how their individual behaviour, perspectives and view points impact the business and colleagues 

Improved understanding of the system as a whole, through increasing a Leader's ability to take a system wide perspective and think more strategically

Better understanding of others through learning more about human behaviour and adult development

Improved influencing skills and communication skills to help create more generative dialogue and garner support for change 

We offer a range of Leadership Programs that can help you to align the areas of strategy, leadership and operational excellence. 

Programs range from three hour  workshops to five day General Management Programs. Prices vary depending on the number of participants and the need to tailor the programs. To find out more about our programs and our pricing, please contact us


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