Business Mentoring & Coaching

We help business owners and leaders to improve business results by teaching them how to think more strategically about their business

Business Coaching involves more than just coaching it is about having a trusted adviser that has both the experience and skill to help you steer your business to success.

In just six months of coaching Denise Bofill helped one business owner to triple their business in the following year and develop a new mental model of success.

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Mentoring for Women 

Companies can benefit from having more women at senior leadership levels. To achieve this, companies need to:

(1) Identify and nurture talented

 women throughout the various 

 phases of their career

(2) Find ways to retain senior women since these women are more likely to leave the corporate life and set up on their own. 

Having reached the Executive ranks and worked at Board level as the only female member, Denise understands the challenges women face in managing business and  a family. That is why she takes a personal interest in mentoring women for success. Contact us now to find out more about this and other programs for women. 

The relationship between the organization, the coach and the person being coached (coachee) is an important one, and at Intentional Leadership we only engage coaches who have extensive Senior Management experience and high levels of Psychological training in Coaching.  

As our Coaches have a dual understanding of business and human behaviour, they are in a unique position to help individuals gain deep personal insights into their behaviour and then to explore how changes to behaviour or performance will impact the business. Through linking discussions in the coaching engagement into practical solutions in a business environment our Coach's are better able to deliver a higher return on investment to the organization for their coaching expenditure.

To view the profiles of our Coaches please see our Profile page. 

This process links to our criteria through which we evaluate all of our services, which is that our services need to deliver returns for our clients at two levels:

  1.  The return on investment to the business

  2.  The benefit to the individual at a personal level

Our Range of  Coaching Services

Our Coaches adhere to the International Coaching Federation's Code of Ethics and maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and privacy.  Coaches also undergo regular peer and personal supervision by skilled supervisors and undertake several Coaching professional development courses each year. 

Coaches are also trained to administer a range of Personality, Motivation and Psychological Assessments such as the Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Development Survey, Motives and Preferences Inventory, and Transformational Leadership and 360 degree evaluations. 

Denise Bofill is also one of the few individuals in Australia trained to evaluate a Leader's level of adult development using Kegan's Subject Object Interview.  This evaluation tool is used to help Leaders learn about how their own perspectives and views and understanding of the world is impacting their leadership, and others in the workplace. 

Executive Coaching

We offer a range of Executive Coaching programs 

   * Coaching for Behaviour Change

    * Coaching for Performance

    * Coaching for High Potentials

    * Coaching for Career Transition

    * Coaching for New Leaders

Team Coaching

Our Team Coaching is aimed at improving team effectiveness and helping teams to develop open dialogues that lead to positive business results and stronger interpersonal relationships.  We also help leaders to understand how to develop business support systems to nurture teams. 

Business Coaching

Business owners face extraordinary challenges including their own learning as the business grows and faces new competitive challenges. Our business coaching program is a mixture of business mentoring and coaching and our highly skilled business experts are trained to help owners manage the complexity involved in owning their own business.  We also work with owners so that they can understand how their own perspectives, behaviours and thought patterns also need to grow if the business is to continue to succeed. 

Mentoring for Women 

Women face unique challenges in the business world, since they often are working in male dominated business cultures which are not aligned to the way women think and express themselves.  Career success hinges on learning the 'rules of business' and being able to embrace the business world in a way that allows a woman to shine and yet still retain the diversity of thought that is needed in business.  Likewise successful women must learn to find astute ways to manage any absences from the business and to find a work life balance that helps them sustain performance in the long term. 

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