Improving performance in a globally complex and interdependent world is challenging. Yet success requires that we continue to evolve a step ahead of our competitors and manage the business with the wisdom needed to deliver short term fiscal results, whilst building the capabilities necessary to help our companies and our employees thrive in the long term. 

      Wisdom in Leadership involves many things, and at Intentional Leadership, we believe the first step to executive wisdom is to be more 'Intentional with your leadership'We encourage leaders to ask themselves four questions about their leadership:

Where is your leadership taking your business?

How will your followers benefit from your leadership?

How are your activities helping you to achieve personal as well as business success?

What are the unintended lessons others are learning from your current leadership?

It is often easier to be clear about where you want your business to go and what the benefits will be for others, than to be clear about what you want for yourself.  At Intentional Leadership we take the time to help Leaders understand that leadership is a personal journey and that 'living your life' and finding time to build productive relationships and enjoy the things you love, is an essential part of being more effective as a leader. 

In line with this approach to leadership, we evaluate the success of our leadership development and coaching programs on two measures:  

              1.  The return on investment to the business

           2.  The benefit to the individual at a personal level

As such we take the time to understand your business which in turn allows us to create tailored programs that help both your business and your leaders to flourish.  

At Intentional Leadership we know that enhanced leadership skills make a difference to your strategy and your ability to execute it, so if you are looking to improve your leadership capabilities either at a personal or business level, then please contact us and arrange a free no-obligation personal meeting to discuss your needs and the solutions Intentional Leadership can offer.

We look forward to working with you.



Denise Bofill


MBA (AGSM), MAppSc Psychology of Coaching (USyd), GradDip Mgmt (MBs)


   Intentional Leadership, is part of the Rhodes Management Group Pty Ltd, ABN 28 088 639 098